Monday, February 1, 2010

Caring for Kids Day

Caring for Kids Day (at Esplenade Park in Ft. Lauderdale) sponsored by OmegaXL and the NFL alumni was a huge success with over 1000 in attendance. Face painters, bounce houses, a DJ, Vaughn Anthony, Brian Hartline along with several of NFLs greats provided for a super fun kids fair! Oh and we can't forget the Dolphin cheerleaders who were so gracious and sweet to all the little girls who were in awe of them (including mine)! Great giveaways including Pro Bowl tickets enticed 440 runners to compete in the morning's 5K run. Because of the generosity of all who participated and sponsored the event, OmegaXL in conjunction with the NFL alumni, was able to donate $25,000 to the American Heart Association. As the wife of OmegaXLs VP of Business Development and organizer of the event, Jeff Roman, it was a very proud day indeed. Thank you to the entire staff and all those who had a hand in making a difference in the lives of families suffering with heart disease.

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