Tuesday, September 27, 2011


We are thoroughly enjoying Apologia's Anatomy book. The experiments are memorable and fun. Here is our edible cell made from yellow jello and all sorts of candy that my kids never get to eat unless it's Halloween:). Each type of candy represents a different organelle. I do have to say that by the time they were done adding all the yummy candy, they were slightly disgusted by the slimy jello and the cells were not so appetizing:(.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011


In touching the hearts of my children through learning, we've begun our year with the story of creation. We're learning that they are here for a purpose, not by accident, that they were created by a glorious God who cherishes them. They have great worth in the sight of God. From the beginning of the world He loved them. He formed them perfectly in His image.

The first day He created light. Here are their interpretations using water color wet on wet technique.

Josh saw an explosion of color in the creation of light.

Olivia showed a contrast between dark and light.

Even little 2 year old Jack wanted to join the fun and here we have darkness and...


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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A new school year has begun

We started our homeschool year this week and have had a lot of fun so far. Each year we reevaluate our curriculum choices and approach. There is so much out there that it can get quite confusing at times. It seems there are so many gifted individuals who have put their heart and soul into creating so many wonderful resources for us homeschoolers. So why do I find myself so tormented and why do so many just not "fit" our family? Why can't I just be happy with the curriculum in a box and stop searching for the perfect resources? Because. These are my children, the life and breath of my being. I want the best for them. I want them to learn AND have FUN! I want what they learn to touch their hearts. I want them to experience life in the fullest sense and it all begins with me. With my choices. What do I put in their path? What do I expose them to? These things can't be found in a box. They can't be found in one educational approach. It's a way of life that runs so much deeper than paper. To see true joy in learning all the while touching my child's heart- this is my goal each day. This is what I'm searching for and this is why I'm always looking for new resources. All of them effect the mind but few reach the soul. Many people are content with feeding the mind of a child while the rest of their being is starving. I'm not. This is my quest...

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Country Home

Well. We are enjoying our beautiful country home!

We've only been here a month but it seems like much longer. This truly has been home to us. It's so peaceful. Being immersed in God's creation, watching the sunrise through the trees, seeing the stars at their brightest has been amazing! The kids have found all kinds of new critters and bugs. The favorite being the stick bug. They also like to watch our friend spider, who has a home on our front porch light, catch it's prey at dusk. Deer are a regular sight as well as an enormous groundhog who the kids find hilarious when he tries to run away. We also acquired a new member to our family... Kingsley. He's a Golden/ Bermese mountain dog mix and is the sweetest dog we've ever met.

Little guy had his second birthday here and we bought him a ride on John Deere gator. I never thought a 2 year old would actually be able to drive but in 5 days he mastered it! Just goes to show if a child wants to learn something and they have the resources and the ability...nothing can stop them! It was so awesome to watch him teach himself. I think sometimes we as parents get in the way. We need to let go sometimes and let kids try things even if we think it's too "advanced" for them.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Atelier Art Curriculum

The top photo is Yaya's (age4) shape monster; the bottom is P-nut's (age 8)

Yaya's potato print indian. I helped with the stripes on the blanket. Everything else she did all by herself.

P-Nut's potato print Indian.

We LOVE Atelier! This is a wonderful homeschool art curriculum. The projects are fun and the kids create quality works of art. With the video demonstration it is also very simple for the parent who is not an artist per se (i.e. me). The curriculum also includes sample pieces from famous artists with bios. There are also some literature based projects with stories included. Here are just a few examples of my children's artwork although there are many more. We can't wait to start the next unit in the fall!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Renaissance Festival

I'm a little behind on the blog. These photos were from a few months ago. We went to the Renaissance Festival with some of our BEST friends and had a blast. As soon as we walked in they picked us to be Grand Marshalls in the parade. The kids had so much fun marching and waving at everyone. Then they sent us on a type of scavenger hunt to look for clues to a mystery of love. It was a day my kids will remember. They felt very special!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

It's personal

I feel like getting a little personal today in my blog. These pages have been a little quiet over the last few months because I've finally found a place of peace in God. I guess it's always been there but never this strong. I'm excited to open my Bible and discover the truths of His word. God has given me a passion for studying the Old Testament. I used to think it was dry and boring. Now I see how full of adventure it is. It's amazing how different life looks when you are walking with God. Everything is so beautiful and glorious and there is this reassurance that you can let go and trust Him. I've always thought that when people talked about God's will for their lives that they were not really taking responsibility for their own lives. After all God wants us to make our own choices. That's what free-will is all about right? Is it? What if there is a perfect will for all of us but we are so busy in our everyday lives that we don't hear it. We just go about our day to day tasks hoping for something better, hoping for more time with our family, hoping for that much needed vacation:). I decided to slow down and listen 3 months ago and wow. God has revealed so much to me and to my husband. We are new people. We are ready to follow His will whatever that may be. We are ready to serve Him where He wants. Even if it's just in our normal day to day lives. You see, just because you choose to follow the will of God doesn't always mean that you need to "go" anywhere. Maybe the change is just a state of mind. Maybe His will is a heart change. Or maybe it is a change of location. Whatever the change is for us. I'm ready for it. God had already placed a need in my family to simplify. Less stuff=less work= more time. We've already started purging. It's amazing how much you accumulate with three kids!
I'm excited about this journey and felt that I needed to share with my blog followers and friends and family. Thanks for listening and stay tuned for more on this journey! (and more family stuff of course)

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