Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Country Home

Well. We are enjoying our beautiful country home!

We've only been here a month but it seems like much longer. This truly has been home to us. It's so peaceful. Being immersed in God's creation, watching the sunrise through the trees, seeing the stars at their brightest has been amazing! The kids have found all kinds of new critters and bugs. The favorite being the stick bug. They also like to watch our friend spider, who has a home on our front porch light, catch it's prey at dusk. Deer are a regular sight as well as an enormous groundhog who the kids find hilarious when he tries to run away. We also acquired a new member to our family... Kingsley. He's a Golden/ Bermese mountain dog mix and is the sweetest dog we've ever met.

Little guy had his second birthday here and we bought him a ride on John Deere gator. I never thought a 2 year old would actually be able to drive but in 5 days he mastered it! Just goes to show if a child wants to learn something and they have the resources and the ability...nothing can stop them! It was so awesome to watch him teach himself. I think sometimes we as parents get in the way. We need to let go sometimes and let kids try things even if we think it's too "advanced" for them.

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