Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oleta River

Our nature adventures led us to Oleta River State Park in Miami last week. What a nice little park. It is great for young children as the waters are very calm and the beach area is shallow. We went for a walk to the river and got in the water. The kids got to taste some "sea lollipops and celery"- very salty. I got a good picture of an orb weaver. We see these guys everywhere! They are usually up in the trees and the webs are very large and easy to spot. After playing in the river we headed to the beach and played in the water there. We swam with all different types of fish, needle nose, sergeant majors and lots of minnow. There was a little pier by the beach area where the kids fished and while there, we saw a very large barracuda. I wasn't too excited about going back into the water after that:). Our wonderful guide Christy said that the manatee frequent this park and her son has had the pleasure of swimming with them. What fun that would be!


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