Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Well this week has been a bit slower as I have been tending to some sick little ones. Last Thursday we did go on our nature walk at Hugh Taylor Birch Park in Ft. Lauderdale then we headed to Ft. Lauderdale Beach across the street. The waves were rough but the kids had a blast. Hours later P-Nut said he still felt like he was in waves. He had a good time playing with his friends and building sand castles. So did Yaya. The rest of the week was spent on Form Drawing and Language Arts studies of Saints and Heroes. We've also been using Character Qualities as our copywork (our Charlotte Mason influence). This week our focus was dependability vs. inconsistency. P-Nut copies a definition in his book along with a bible verse in this case it was Psalm 15:4. We like to use the Message Version. It is very easy for the kids to understand. Yaya doesn't do the copywork, but she loves to be involved in the discussion! Next week we will be starting our math block so I will be making some fun little math gnomes (this is where our Waldorf influence comes in) over the weekend :).


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